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Cross26 14 CLARISMix D693As(26i)

The Ridley Kids Race bike is the ideal kid’s bike when it comes to making your young one’s segue into cycling a positive experience. We’ve put lots of technology into these small bikes to ensure th...

Dean 105 Mix DEA02Ams(S)

The Dean is our extremely versatile bike for that everyday adventurer who thrives on challenges against the clock. Inspired by our Dean FAST, incorporating F-Surface Plus technology. It is designed...

Fenix SL ULT DI2 FSL08As(S)

The Fenix SL is the only bike you need for all jobs, the perfect all-rounder. Go from tackling the climbs and hitting the cobbles to competing for town line sprints.It’s lightweight and stiff with...

Helium SLA 105 mix D831(XXXS)

The Helium SLA is the aluminium version of our flagship Helium bike. Its geometry is exactly the same as the carbon model. We succeeded in creating the lightest, high-performing aluminium bike that...

Ignite SLX X01 Eagle ISX01As(M)

The Ignite SLX is Ridley’s brand-new hardtail mountainbike, made for those who are looking for a race-ready, high-performance machine. The frame weight has been trimmed by 160 grams compared to the...

Kanzo-E Fazua Rival1 KAE01Bm (XL)

Exploring forgotten tracks or trekking through outstretched meadows and forests. Everything is possible with a gravel bike. And we now add the enjoyment of electrical support. This extra ingredient...
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