Frequently Asked Questions


Who are the vendors on Bike2Shop?

Vendors are either local bike shops or bicycle producers who are registered members of the Bike2Shop platform.

I need an invoice. How can I get one?

Usually, you will receive the invoice from the vendor when you collect the bike at the pickup store. If the invoice is missing please contact the vendor or us (Bike2Shop).


Where and when can I collect my new bike?

As soon as your bike is ready for collection at the pickup store that you have chosen during checkout, we (Bike2Shop) will send you a notification email. With this email, in printed or digital form, go to the shop to collect the bike during the normal opening hours.

If you cannot collect your bike during the normal opening hours, please contact the pickup store to find out about alternative options.

Why do you only support click-and-collect?

At Bike2Shop we want to be sure that you will have fun riding your new bike from the very first day. For that reason we only support delivery at a pickup store. Indeed the bike mechanics at the pickup store will assemble the bike for you with great care, ensure that it is working properly and has not been damaged during shipping, and of course they will help you find your optimal position for comfort and performance.

Can I get my bike delivered at a specific address?

While Bike2Shop is not supporting direct delivery to customers, some pickup stores will agree to do so. Please contact your pickup store to inquire about specific delivery options and conditions.

I cannot chose a specific pickup store for the bike I want to order. Why?

If you cannot select a specific pickup store for the bike yo want to order, most likely the vendor has excluded this pickup store or the pickup store has excluded the vendor.


How can I easily compare products?

You can add a product to the Compare list by clicking the 'Add to compare list' button inside the product page:

Open the Compare list by clicking the menu item 'Compare' in the main menu.